Support local nonprofit organizations that help our community.

We know that in order to be a leader in the community, you must give back and support worthwhile organizations within it. We have always talked about giving back and are now taking action because we strongly believe that if you want to receive, you must first be willing to give.


We ask you to please support our charities.


FireVet local chairty nonprofit support


FireVet is a non-profit organization that helps Military Veterans prepare for the firefighter testing process.


This is done through mentorship, training, and interview preparation, lead by firefighters that have prior military service. FireVet is also involved community events that help support needy Veterans.


Help support those that have served.

Turn In


Turn In

Turn In is an organization that helps active and retired firefighters cope with post-traumatic stress. Although it is a California based non-profit, it was created by a retired Chandler firefighter, John Vargo. In addition, most of the sponsored firefighters are in the Phoenix area. Turn In is currently working with Hunkapi farms in Scottsdale to provide equine therapy and meditation to first responders.



Operation Shockwave

Operation Shockwave was born out of a passion to bring a message of light and hope to a veteran community struggling in the darkness. With the core mission of preventing suicide in the veteran community, Operation Shockwave presses forward in leading and empowering veterans to choose life and become examples of success in our community.  

Valors on 8th


Valors on 8th

Valors on 8th was created for Veteran Engagement in the Community.

To Engage with Veterans with listening, walking, talking, bike riding, running, swimming and so on. Also, to give our Veterans the info and resources for help when needed.

Most veterans are too proud to ask for any help even though they may need it. Veterans will always believe that they are strong enough for anything. The actual fact is that sometimes veterans do need to reach out and ask for help.

Like our motto says “Engaging with Veterans One Event at a Time.” – RO

Creative Drill Sergeants

Creative Drill Seargants firefighter don

Creative Drill Sergeants

We help prevent homelessness and suicides by providing our veterans camaraderie, mentorship, family healing and valuable expressive arts industry vocational skills for economic stability and successful reintegration into civilian life.

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